About us

We've been offering sofas and chairs for more than 25 years, rigorously made by hand in italy. Everyday we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the following: to satisfy our customers' needs.

Why choose poltronesofà:

Experience: we have been exclusively offering products of excellent quality for more than 25 years, for more than 90 models and 370 upholsteries, with a ten-year guarantee on the structure.

Craftmanship: our whole range of products is carefully crafted, and is entirely hand-made in Italy: fabric sofas are produced in the Forli and Faenza district, whilst leather sofas are produced in Puglia.

The extensive possibility to customise: the wide range of models and versions is additionally customisable with more than 370 different upholsteries, including microfibre.

Removable coverings: all our fabric sofas have completely removable coverings that can be washed in a few simple steps.

Saving money: all this at a very convenient price, because we aim at making qualiti available for everyone.

Assistance before and after sales: our team of interior designers will assist you from the moment you step foot in our store, they will accompany you during your purchase and will help you thereafter as well, with any kind of request and information. We are proud of our team and we invest on it constantly, training every designer in our headquarter.

Presence: we have more than 166 stores in Italy and more than 140 in Europe, among France, Malta, Cyprus, Belgium and Switzerland.

More than 370 upholsteries

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